The First Class in Library: Making Reading a Habit


Whether in kindergartens or primary and secondary schools, Huitong has always attached great importance to the role of reading for students' growth and learning, helping them develop their reading habits. In addition to reading time inside and outside the classroom, our ELC and primary and secondary school libraries also play an essential and irreplaceable role in children's reading habits and activities. The clear and bright reading space has become a favorite place for many students on campus.

目前,学校图书馆拥有中英文藏书两万五千余册,还订购了大英百科中小学版 (Britannica School)和JSTOR数据库作为师生们的网络学习资源。那么,孩子们该如何在这个庞大的信息资源中心,找到想要阅读的图书呢?过去两周,不同年级的孩子们分别在图书馆老师的带领下,进行了新学年的“图书馆第一课”。

Currently, the school library has a collection of over 25,000 books in English and Chinese and subscribes to Britannica School and JSTOR databases as online learning resources for teachers and students. So how do the children find the books they want to read in this vast information resource center? Over the past two weeks, children in different grades have been led by library teachers to have their "first library lesson" in the new school year.


In the primary class, Ms. Audrey Maagain led the children into the world of the picture book "The First Time I Went to the Library", following the main character to revisit the process of checking out and returning books from the library, understanding the rules of book classification, and the use of the book substitute board and other necessary skills for the proper use of the school library. Some students who were familiar with the library were eager to raise their hands and share their knowledge actively with the other kids in the class. New students in the first grade were even more curious about the library and became familiar with the library by asking and answering questions with the teacher. At the end of the day, every class took a group photo for the energetic "first time in the library" ceremony.

在针对6-9年级的图书馆导引课上,陆海霞老师向同学们介绍了三种读者类型。这一提法借鉴自一位美国中学老师Donalyn Miller创作的《书语者》(The Book Whisperer)。经由长期的观察,她发现学生们主要分为三类读者:永远觉得课后看书时间不够因此经常在课堂里偷偷看书的具有阅读主见的“地下型”读者;没有要求就不读、对阅读缺乏动力的“休眠型”读者;拒绝阅读任务甚至对阅读偶尔感到抵触的“发展型”读者。

In the library orientation class for grades 6-9, Ms. Haixia Lu introduced the students to three types of readers. The reference was based on The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, an American middle school teacher. Through long-term observation, she found that students fall into three main categories of readers: the "underground" readers who always feel that they do not have enough time to read after class and therefore often secretly read books in class; the "dormant" readers who do not read if not asked and lack the motivation to read; and the "development" readers who refuse reading assignments and even refuse to read.


The Huitong school library provided different reading choices for these three types of readers. For the "underground" readers, the teacher introduced them to the book collection number and search system to help them choose books efficiently according to their reading preferences; for the "dormant" readers, the teacher suggested that students wander around the library to select books, read more casually to avoid feeling frustrated and material; for the "development" readers, the teacher recommended them to turn to the magazines more often, and enter the reading world from texts with more pictures and fewer words, so as to reduce the feeling of reading for the sake of reading.


In addition to lending books, the library is a space for diverse teaching and learning and a place to stimulate children's reading potential and spirit of exploration. In some cases, teachers will design classroom activities in the library in conjunction with curriculum topics. With questions and learning objectives, students will search for information, read on their own, and expand their knowledge in the library, transforming the acquisition of knowledge from boring to a curious exploration. The library will also open special programs from time to time, such as picture book sharing, book exhibitions, etc., to help more students walk into the world of reading. Some enthusiastic children also join the student volunteers and come to the library sometimes to help teachers organize books and maintain this warm and beautiful home of knowledge.


The long holidays mean rest and more reading time for everyone. At the end of this article, we would like to share a special book list for the holiday from our library teachers. The list includes various books for students and teachers of all ages, covering literature, history, geography, and other genres. We wish that children not only walk on the road during the holidays but also immerse themselves in reading time.

幼儿园 ELC

《Max and Marla Are Going on a Trip》

作者:Alexandra Boiger



Max and Marla Are Going on a Trip

Author: Alexandra Boiger

Reason: A delightful lesson in the joy of living in the moment.

Summer vacation has arrived, Max would like to see a koala. Fortuitously, the travel guides he and Marla ordered from the bookstore have just arrived in the mail, so the two friends pack their things and set off for Australia. Determined to document every special moment along the way, Max is busy fiddling with his camera and misses some animals on the way. But Marla knows how to help Max in the moment, and with the camera knocked overboard, Max is finally able to enjoy their trip, especially the moment when they meet koalas. The author delights readers with her soft watercolor illustrations and sweet text, and reminds readers to engage with the world in the moment. Ultimately, Max and Marla’s friendship shines above all else, as Marla sweetly supports her friend while also giving him the push he needs to grow.





World National Parks

Author: Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinska

Reason: “Go to national parks” at home

You can travel to 8 national parks worldwide without leaving your living room by reading this book. It’s a visual feast for readers of all ages, with lavishly drawn illustrations from the incomparable Mizielinskis. It features not only landscapes, animals, and plants but also knowledge about geography, history, astronomy, and different culture.

小学 Lower School

作者: [美]黛博拉·安德伍德 著 / [美] 辛迪·德比 绘
馆藏编号: I712.85/3422

Outside In
Author: Deborah Underwood, Cindy Derby (Illustrator)
Collection number: I712.85/3422
Reason: Sometimes, we may not be able to go out and do things without restriction. But even at home, there are many traces of "nature.” After reading this book, you will probably think of it when you pet your cat, see a bug, or use the sink again. The illustrations are fantastic! Some lines are even created with dried flower stems and thread soaked in ink.

作者: 任溶溶
出版社: 浙江少年儿童出版社
馆藏编号: I287.7/2233

Chinese Humorous Children's Literature Creation
Author: REN Rongrong
Collection Number: I287.7/2233
Reason: Ren Rongrong, the famous children's author and translator, passed away peacefully on September 22, 2022, at 100. His masterpieces "Brainless and Unhappy" are unforgettable childhood memories for generations of Chinese people. “Brainless” is a boy who always misses out on everything, and “Unhappy” is unhappy with everything. These two kids and their stories have brought joy to countless children.

作者: 日本东京书籍株式会社书籍编辑部

How to Watch a Game
Author: Book editorial Department of Tokyo Books Co., Ltd.
Collection Number: G811.31/6540
Reason: A book that sports fans should not miss! Whether it's a popular sport or a cruel sport, whether it's a playing field, scoring standards, foul play, action points …… everything you can think of about sports, this book has answers.

作者: [美] 帕特里克·奥布莱恩

You Are The First Kid On Mars
Author: Partick O'Brien
Collection Number: P185.3-49/2844
Reason: This is a superb book about the exploration of Mars. Lots of facts and figures about Mars and beautiful illustrations in the book bring the journey of the earth's imagination to life for children.

中学 Middle School

作者: 星球研究所

Hi I'm China 2
Author: Institute For Planets
Collection Number: K92-49/6113
Reason: Another way to traveling China during the holiday. Continuing the reputation and quality of the first book, "Hi I’m China 2" takes a hundred years since the modern era as a time scale to tell the story of China's geographical changes and Chinese creations under the modernization process, presenting the excellent terrain shaping on this blue planet.

《龙旗飘扬的舰队:中国近代海军兴衰史 》
作者: 姜鸣

Fleet of Dragon Flags: History of the Rise and Fall of China's Modern Navy
Author: JIANG Ming
Collection Number: E295.2/8460
Reason:This book (in two volumes) provides detailed records and analysis of the tortuous history of the creation, development, and decline of the modern Chinese navy during the fifty years of the late Qing Dynasty (1861-1911), with unique observations of naval acquisition, education, training, base construction, funding and expenditure, naval strategy, and other areas. It demonstrates the close relationship between the modern navy and the development of Chinese society. The book also provides a clear picture of the link between the modern navy and the development of Chinese society.

作者: [瑞典] 弗雷德里克·巴克曼
推荐理由:孩子们将在假期期间与家人享受更多的相处的时光。那么,孩子们是否了解在家长的眼中,“成为家长”又是怎样一件意义非凡的事情呢?这本书中文书名听起来像是对孩子的善意提醒,但它的英文名是Things My Son Needs to Know About the World,记录的是作者可能最艰巨的经历之一:做父亲。这 "第一次 "让他充满惊奇,也让他完全没有准备,他并不回避揭示自己的错误步骤和父亲的缺陷。

Things My Son Needs to Know About the World
Author: Fredrik Beckman
Collection Number: I532.65/7746
Reason: During the holidays, children will have much time to spend with their families. So, what is it like to “be a parent” in the eyes of parents? The Chinese title of the book sounds like a kind reminder to children, but its English title is Things My Son Needs to Know About the World, and it records one of the author's perhaps most daunting experiences: Being a father. This "first time" filled him with wonder and left him completely unprepared, and he didn’t shy away from revealing his missteps and fatherly flaws.

教师 Teachers

作者: 朱迪斯·哈里斯
馆藏编码:PRO G78

The Nurture Assumption
Author: Judith R.Harris
Collection Number: PRO G78
Reason: Thirty-seven years ago, the author was denied a doctorate by the Harvard psychology department; 37 years later, he won the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Writer's Award in Psychology. This monograph proves the same thing: the "experts" were wrong. The author begins the book by declaring loudly that parenting does not determine a child's development. This cruel but well-meaning advice revolutionized how the "experts" viewed childhood and children and has been called "a turning point in the history of psychology.”

作者: 澳大利亚新哲人编辑部

New Philosopher 01
Author: Australian New philosopher editorial Department
Collection Number: B1/0582
Balance, early on, is an essential topic in modern life, and many people may feel that they have lost the balance of their lives. With the theme of “balance,” this issue contains both severe content, such as gender equality and social equality, as well as light-hearted content on maintaining a balanced life, helping readers to find their light of balance from a philosophical perspective.

作者: [英]玛丽·比尔德
推荐理由:玛丽·比尔德(Mary Beard)是英国剑桥大学纽纳姆学院古典学教授。本书记录了她两篇关于女性与权力的演讲稿。作者从历史上的文学作品和现实情境中挑选了一些案例,来解释女性与权力的关系是如何在文化中被构建的,并质问目前围绕权力的文化架构,以在更深的层面上引发人们的反思。

Women & Power: A Manifesto Updated
Author: Mary Beard
Collection Number: C913.68/2722
Reason: Mary Beard is a Professor of Classics at Newnham College, University of Cambridge, UK. This book records the texts of two of her lectures on women and power. The author draws on selected cases from historical literature and real-life situations to explain how the relationship between women and power has been constructed in culture and to interrogate the current cultural structures around the ability to provoke more profound reflection.