What's on ELC


This week, we had our first House Day of this semester, and many classes did fun “Explore House” activities. Teachers introduced four houses: Taishan, Gingko, Pearl and Panda, discussed the meanings of houses’ names, and recognized the color and crest of each house. Children in PK2 played “House Matching” and “Scavenger Hunt” at campus.


Our lovely children are getting familiar with teachers and classmates in the past weeks. In order to close the distance between the children and build their sense of belonging to the class, PK2 made a “Four Seasons Birthday Tree”. The children watched the Four Seasons of the Forbidden City, observed the colors of outdoor scenes, selected the colors of each season, and began to make the birthday tree in autumn. K1 made birthday board and the children were pleasantly surprised to find someone who shares their birthday.


In the art room, the teacher led the children to carry out the "Turning waste into Treasure" activity, to explore how to turn unused objects into works of art. Students brainstormed what they could use (that was safe and clean) to make their own art. In this process, students practiced sharing materials, collaborating, and explaining their ideas to others The creative process diverges their thinking, enhances their creativity, and stimulates children's thinking about the relationship between nature and human beings. At the same time, children are encouraged to bring their own clean, safe materials to create. The activity is still going on. Let's look forward to more wonderful works from the children.


Children in PS2 found several tortoises in the outdoor pond and told principal Mengya that they wanted to claim the tortoises. Ms. Mengya suggested them to make a decision after discussion in class. With four questions given by Ms. Mengya, the children discussed and voted in the morning circle time. The children who decided to claim tortoises shared their experiences and methods of taking care of the tortoises, and asked the owner, Mr. Lu, with their answers. Lu said these tortoises were protected by the state and only suitable for living in a warm environment with good light, not a classroom. However, Lu found their desire was so strong that he decided to keep the tortoises in school for 15 days and welcome the children to take care of them.

探索颜色的方式 Exploring Colors!

This week, PS2 kids were very interested in colors. We explored the colors together with kids in various ways. In this process, the children tried to use different materials to explore. Some children tried to dye flowers with the paint, some attempted to dye paper towels, some liked to observe and explore how the paint was sucked into drip irrigations, and some enjoyed watching the process of rendering when the paint went into clear water. The hundred languages of children, the hundred ways to explore color!





This week, children from PK3 went to Ukiyo-e Exhibition titled A Floating World of Edo City. Although children have limited understanding of Ukiyo-e, the most famous painting, "The Great Waves off Kanagawa," has been in the classroom for a long time. This most iconic Ukiyo-e work had an important influence on painting and music around the world. The children enjoyed more than 100 museum-quality works and learned a lot about Edo era under the guidance.

What makes the children exciting is that multimedia giant theater. Every frame and every second is a visual feast, including romantic cherry blossoms, lively street scenes, and many traditional Japanese fantasy stories. At last, children made a small dress at activity area .

庆祝国庆节! Happy National Day!


In order to celebrate birthday of the country, K3 children and teachers talked about the story of the National Day, recognized the flag, looked at the map and draw the home province PS1 students were inspired by the art class and decided to make a beautiful textile collage with all different red objects. Then, we added yellow stars and made the Chinese flag! Also, Ms. Lawliet taught the song “My Country” to the children.