What's on ELC


In the past two weeks, the ELC children have gathered full energy and prepared for the beginning of the new semester. To keep close contact with the children before they get back to school on September 16, our teachers have started to do the online one-on-one interaction, and every family showed up on time. During the online meeting, we shared recent plans with our parents; got to know children’s daily routines and hobbies; discussed how to help children develop self-care habits and adapt to the life of kindergarten before school starts. At the same time, we also know more about the children's situation at home and get more clear about parents' educational philosophies. Parents also shared with us their expectations and goals for the new school year, as well as areas that the teachers may need to focus on. We really appreciate having this chance to know better about our children and to understand parents’ expectations of education.


After being familiar with the teachers and online interaction mode, we have more fun activities in the second week. On the Mid-autumn Day, PS1 teachers had invited families to put on Chinese traditional costumes to celebrate the festival and talked about the Mid-Autumn festival. They discussed different shapes of the moon, the rabbit, and mooncakes!

其他班级的活动也各具特色。有班级玩了盒子游戏,让孩子们介绍自己和家人; 有班级玩了“镜子”游戏,让大家可以活动活动身体;有些老师分享 了自己在旅游中的划船活动和看到的动物,在老师的引导下,孩子们也简单说了说假期的活动;还有班级共读了小故事《Handa’s Surprise》,故事发生在肯尼亚的一对好朋友之间,故事里聊到了各种不同的热带水果和生活在热带的动物们,孩子们听得津津有味。分享完故事之后,孩子们还谈论了自己最喜欢的动物和水果,练习了故事里的常用词汇。

Other classes have different and interesting activities and games. Some children introduced themselves and families in the box game, and some played a “mirror” game with teachers. The teachers shared photos of holiday activities: boating, training a cat, and animals they saw during the trip. With the guidance of the teacher, the children also briefly talked about the activities they did on the holiday. K3 read story "Handa's Surprise" together. The story takes place between a pair of good friends in Kenya. It talks about a variety of tropical fruits and animals living in Africa. After sharing the story, children also talked about their favorite animals and fruits, and practiced common words in the story.


In the past two weeks, children received weekly posters which support them to play and learn at home with toys and simple objects at home. Furthermore, class teachers, art, PE and STEM teachers made videos for children to watch at home, such as songs, stories, body movement, art activities, PE games, science experiments, etc. From the feedback photos and videos sent by parents, we can clearly see and feel that kids love these activities and totally enjoyed themselves at home.

来看看家长们镜头下孩子们的创作吧!Feedback from our parents!