What's on ELC


Last week, PK1 and K2 went to reptile house in Nantou Ancient Town. The children were introduced to the waxen monkey tree toad, learned how to tell a toad from a frog, the chin spines that puff up when they are angry, the leopard geckos with leopard spots, the crested gecko, the skinks, and the millipedes and scorpions of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. They also learned that corn snakes, whose color looks like corn, were first found in corn fields in the northeastern United States. The children were brave and had a positive interaction with the animals under the guidance of the teacher.


On Thursday morning, facing the autumn wind, the children of PS classes started their first outdoor trip to Shenzhen Bay Park. The children were all looking forward to the trip. On the bus, they sang their favorite nursery rhymes with teachers. After arriving at the park, they played the parachute game and sang happily together. Then each class carried out a variety of interesting activities-picking up leaves, drawing playing frisbee and football. They really had a great day there!

艺术课 Art Class


In the ELC Atelier, students have completed their collaborative canvases made of reused materials, it’s a very colorful and creative collection! The teachers have put all works from different classes on display in the hallway, so they had a chance to look at the works and reflect on whether their work is finished or needs to be continued. It was interesting to see how these artworks change over these two weeks. In addition, children from PK and K went through a challenging process of brainstorming and voting on the final title for their artworks. Although we have completed this project, we will continue to consciously reuse waste materials, reduce the generation of waste, and take good care of our living environment.