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庆祝秋日庆典! Celebrating Fall Festival

10月31日,ELC师生们共同庆祝了一年一度的“秋日庆典”。一大早,孩子们和老师们都穿着自己喜爱的装束来到了校园。走进幼儿园,看着古灵精怪的装扮,听着孩子们开心的叫着“Trick or Treat”,让人仿佛置身动画梦工场。每个孩子脸上洋溢的笑脸,让秋日庆典变得更加精彩。

On October 31, ELC teachers and students celebrated the annual "Fall Festival". Early in the morning, the children and teachers came to the school in their favorite costumes. Into the kindergarten, looking at the lovely costumes and make up, listening to the children happily shouted "Trick or Treat", everyone feels like being in the animation dream workshop. The smiles on every child's face make the autumn festival even more wonderful.

南瓜变变变 What's in the Pumpkin?


The children also had many interesting discussions and fun activities about pumpkins. Children in PS1 discussed "What's in a pumpkin? ", then opened pumpkins to test their assumptions, turned pumpkin seeds into pieces in the classroom and made their own pumpkins.


Children in PS3 observed the pumpkin, dug it with their hands, and then made pumpkin pudding.

涂鸦的世界 Doodle World

金秋10月,幼儿园K班的小朋友们和老师们去了海上世界艺术文化中心,共同参观了Mr. Doodle的涂鸦作品展。Mr. Doodle是一位新晋英国艺术家,他的作品风格简单又天马行空,内容充满细节,并且具有很高的辨识度。“涂鸦”通常指用随意地、无拘无束的方式画画,没有固定的模式。ELC的老师们总是鼓励孩子们在不同大小的载体上,用不同的材料,用不同的方式进行涂鸦。孩子们看完展览后,纷纷自己设计涂鸦图案,并且把他们贴在卫生间的墙砖上来展示自己的作品。Mr. Doodle的展览给我们带来了启示:涂鸦以不同的方式,在不同的地方展示!

In October, kindergarten students visited Mr. Doodle's exhibition with their art teachers. Mr. Doodle is a new British artist who embraces a whimsical and simple style of drawing full of details and recognizable icons. To “doodle” generally means to draw in a wandering, informal way, often with no set result in mind.  Kindergarteners have been trying out different ways of doodling on different scales (from very big to very small) and with different drawing materials. Students designed doodle stickers to bring some fun to our school bathroom. Mr. Doodle reminds us that art doesn't have to be serious and that doodles can happen everywhere!

探访动物之旅 Visiting Our Animal Friends

可爱的小动物们总是会引发小朋友们浓厚的学习兴趣。K2班的小朋友们从开学至今,一直热衷于建造动物保护基地,在此期间,他们提出了一轮又一轮关于动物的问题。继探访爬虫馆后,他们决定去动物园继续寻找答案。孩子们带着问题来到他们感兴趣的动物面前进行考证,仔细观察动物们,并做了记录。他们看到了绘本故事《苏丹的犀牛》中苏丹的“原型”,激动地和它合影。当他们看到长颈鹿像绘本故事《From head to toe》里面bend their necks一样的时候,他们一起说“I can do it!“。

Animals always trigger children's strong interest in learning. The students in K2 have been enthusiastic about building an animal protection base since the beginning of this semester. During this time, they have asked lots of questions about animals. After visiting the reptile house, they decided to go to the zoo to find out more. The children came to the animals they were interested in with questions, carefully observed the animals, and made notes. When they saw the "prototype" of Sudan in the picture book Sudan's Rhino, they were excited to take photos with it. When they saw giraffes bend their necks just like that in the picture book From head to toe, they shouted together, "I can do it! ".