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自然探索之旅 Nature Exploration


Autumn is the best season in Shenzhen. Recently, teachers from ELC took the children to get close to nature, enjoy the beauty of autumn in the sunshine, and explore the mysteries of nature.


Children in PK1 and PK3 went to the Evergreen Resort. They saw different kinds of animals and walked through the "rain forest" with dinosaurs together. The most exciting thing for them was that they saw a double rainbow!


K3 and K4 took a walk along the seaside path in Qianhai Stone Park. They saw the beautiful Ferris wheel, different plants, and some sea birds. They sat on the wide lawn, listened to the teacher telling stories, shared food, and took out sketchbooks to record the different colors and shapes they saw in nature.


Hello X-Day!! The children had a wonderful time running, jumping, spinning, swinging, and playing at the park. We were blessed with beautiful weather!